Voice from the Void

A whisper emanates from the dark

Author: C. M. Costa

  • Let’s Make More Magick.

    I had a great time putting together our premiere issue, and I’m just about ready to go again. I’m hoping we can put together Issue 2.1 for release early in the new year (I’d like to get things rolling on a schedule—before the void pulls me back in. Submitters please check email and, if you […]

  • A Status Update from the Brink of the Void

    Something is happening—It’s happening. It’s opening. Is there something in there? Was that a tentacle? For gods’ sakes don’t touch it! Yeah, something’s definitely alive in there…

  • Hello world!

    Hello hello and welcome to the Void. We’re just getting started. I’m currently working on building the site, looking for a good way to manage submissions, and setting up some back-end technical stuff to make sure the site operates well. What is Voice from the Void? It’s a place for your voice to come out […]