Voice from the Void

A whisper emanates from the dark

Category: Poetry


  • Pylons

    By Andrew Kolarik Walk amongst the green, the heavy banks of green, beneath the canopy of the beechwoods. Through the filtered sunlight, shifting shadows and comforting, organic growth, through the blackcurrent, redcurrent, the tangles of roots, to where the trees open up to the sky. And spy what lies beyond. In the fields, in the…

  • Pinocchio

    By ślimak vr0k [Always keep your hands and fingers flat when feeding the beasts.] the lies came easy, so we cut my nose and threw the pieces on the fire to escape the freeze we melted snow for water, but food was scarce we’d come to the woods, because we wished to live deliberately, maybe…

  • Monica’s Erogenous Zones

    By ślimak vr0k [Staff only. Trespassers may be eaten.] The number 7, just 7, on the grey concrete in the sky a 7. Bow down in the stairwell we are 7. 7 kings laid out to dry. 7 hillsides falling away. 7 membranes peeled out. 7 bowls of 7th grade math. 7 gunshots fired into…

  • Great Grandpa

    By LaVern Spencer McCarthy Great Grandpa lay in his coffin, a grotesque smile on his face that the funeral workers could not remove. Little granddaughter, Suzie swore she would not bolt and run screaming when she viewed the corpse, but when he winked at her, she did.