Voice from the Void

A whisper emanates from the dark

Who’s Next?


By LaVern Spencer McCarthy

"Who wants to go next?" Barney asked..
"Somebody must," replied Sylvester.
"Be a volunteer," Barney suggested.
"No," answered Sylvester. Barney frowned.
"All of us must go sometime. It's best
to get it over with."
Of the ten men present, none
was willing to go next.
Conversation stopped when a country-yokel-
type man approached. 
His dim-witted son was with him. 
The older man strolled up and down the line. 
"Who wants to go next?" he inquired. 
"Hurry, time is wasting."
The men gazed at him fearfully.
No one volunteered.
"Look," the man said.
"It will be over before you know it."
He kicked at the heads of the men
in a long row, buried up their necks in dirt. 
"You will be feeding the community.
The Grinder is not that bad. 
You will taste delicious. Everyone knows
I make the best sausage in the state."