Voice from the Void

A whisper emanates from the dark

Monica’s Erogenous Zones


By ślimak vr0k

[Staff only. Trespassers may be eaten.]

The number 7, just 7, on the grey concrete in the sky a 7. Bow down in the stairwell we are 7. 7 kings laid out to dry. 7 hillsides falling away. 7 membranes peeled out. 7 bowls of 7th grade math. 7 gunshots fired into 7 anthills. 7 droughts drunk on 7 years of spit. 7 rerouted fjords. 7 woodland scarecrows erected by 7 least weasels. 7 buckets of battery acid propped up on the exit doors of 7 labyrinths. 7 brides for 7 brothers in 7 rings of hell. The 7th string of a six-string guitar weaving a star to catch 7 sighs. The 7 whispers of creation. 7 recycled chimps on their 7th recycling. 7 teacups of blood set over 7 seas. The 7 trumpets blown 7 times and 7 seals shot to hell. 7 books of Harry Potter on the 7 floors of Hogwarts finding 7 horcruxes with 7 Weasley children. The 7 protons in manganese. 7 goats grown to devour mountains. 7 slurping noises in the dark. 7 ways to know she is cheating. 7 Zenith radios opening like tackle boxes. 7 shovelfuls of oatmeal on 7 coffin lids. 7 ways to make him last all night. 7 times around the altar of the 7-pointed star. The 7th labor of Hercules. The 7th of 7 horses balanced on 7 scales in 7 different skies. 7 deadly sins set in a circle. 7 chains trussing the hind legs of a chimera stunned for 7 butchers. 7 friends eating each other. 7 badgers in a sack. 7 ghosts in the park placing bets on 7 possums. 7 lines of cocaine and morphine at the Viper Room. 7 kilns full of Gregor Mendel’s bees. 7 weeping walls in the movie Seven. 7 maidens dancing in 7 hunting boats. 7 blue tigers chewing on chess pieces. 7 ninjas lost in a kaleidoscope forever. 7 real feathers grown from tattoo arrows. The 7 faces of God covered by the wings of 7 snow angels. 7 orbiters in the false dawn of 7 flaming dirigibles. 7 jars of aluminum-eyed squid served with 7 sticks of melted butter and a side of ape. 7 cataracts of voice traced in the fossils of 7 flightless birds. 
Soft pretzels and warmth do not dwell in us.
Sunbeams and Jesus are far from us.
Wasps and snails impregnate us.
Rain Shadows do not fall on us.
Our neighbors leave saucers of antifreeze out for us.
Our teeth only chew tangled hair.
Our lips only latch to profanities.
The wild grass bends at our passing and does not straighten.
Tear out our eyes we are 7. Cast in the dirt we are 7. We are 7 we are 7 we are 7 times 7.