Voice from the Void

A whisper emanates from the dark



By ślimak vr0k

[Always keep your hands and fingers flat when feeding the beasts.]

the lies came easy, so we cut my nose
and threw the pieces on the fire to escape the freeze
we melted snow for water, but food was scarce
we’d come to the woods, because we wished
to live deliberately, maybe catch some fish
maybe pet a bunny, roast some marshmallows 
when the snowing started, we joked about needing skis
we stopped telling jokes, the lies in them 
weren’t strong enough, same with fiction
not enough shot star, not enough dead cricket
the nose knows the difference
a lie can’t preclude the possibility of belief
must already fester in the hearer
a bit of dung to bury a malicious kernel
like you’re too kind or the only sinner 
like click trained dogs we began believing everything 
the sound of teeth falling out was a squirrel
those who grew too sick went out birding
after we’d eaten the last box of crayons 
when the time came to eat each other 
I told them the dead were Christmas hams
 when their eyes shook and their hands dulled 
I told them they were getting very sleepy now
so groaned the tired suckled sow, goodnight sow
goodnight blanket, goodnight pigs in blankets
goodnight fire, goodnight pan, goodnight hook
goodnight night floor, goodnight cabin with one room
goodnight candles, goodnight birds, goodnight snow 
goodnight door, goodnight limbs in tourniquets
goodnight cup, goodnight lice, goodnight moon 
and me? I’m warm and full of Christmas ham
call the roller of big cigars,  slap my ass
I’ve got no strings on me, I’m fine
everything’s fine, look at my perfectly normal face